Relief List

We encourage all veterinarians to utilize our relief list. To be listed on the AKVMA relief list, you must be a current paid AKVMA member and you must have a current veterinary license from the Alaska State Board of Veterinary Examiners.

NamePhoneEmailAreaPractice Type
Julie Stafford, DVM541-602-5055julierstafford@gmail.comAnchorage/ValleySA
James Morris, DVMjack.morris.wasilla@gmail.comAKSA
Meg Puchlerz, DVM406-839-6754meg@onpointvet.netServing All of AlaskaSA; Vet CV
Carol Hedges, DVM903-926-5752hedgesdvm@gmail.comAnch/Mat-Su
Ron Williams, DVM907-355-6608horsedoc@mtaonline.netStatewideSA/EX/EQ/FA
Cherise Neu, DVM907-795-5495cheriseneu@hotmail.comMatsu ValleySA/EQ/FA
John Tuomi, DVM907-745-3219d_tuomi@hotmail.com20+ miles from PalmerSurgery (not boarded)